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Divorce with Minor and Adult Children

A divorce can be one of the most emotional and private issues that can be handled by an attorney.  The process can be devastating emotionally, especially when children are involved.  Partners who once supported and nurtured one another can be forced in front of a court to resolve, not only financial issues, but child custody, child support and and parental responsibility issues.

Lynn Olney is known for both his compassion at …

Spouse Moving Out of State after Divorce

Our society is more mobile today than anytime in the past.  With the heavy representation of military families in southern Colorado along with the dynamic nature of our business community, it is more likely than ever that one or both former spouse might move out of the immediate area or out of state.

These moves can completely undermine the post-divorce relationship impacting financial arrangements, child visitation and child custody.  Lynn Olney …

Settling an Estate without a Will

The current example case is being updated.

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