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Divorce with Minor and Adult Children

Divorce with Minor and Adult Children

A divorce can be one of the most emotional and private issues that can be handled by an attorney.  The process can be devastating emotionally, especially when children are involved.  Partners who once supported and nurtured one another can be forced in front of a court to resolve, not only financial issues, but child custody, child support and and parental responsibility issues.

Lynn Olney is known for both his compassion at this sensitive time and his experience in family law and divorce proceedings.  Lynn often represents his clients on issues immediately apparent to all involved, but anticipates issues involving family law that should be addressed sooner than later.

Especially in the Colorado Springs area, these issues include:

  • Child custody and visitation should one or both parents move out of the immediate area
  • Relationship changes in the case of remarriage or future cohabitation
  • Financial changes related to job or personal changes
  • Future needs of children as they grow and mature

You can’t afford to make a mistake at this time in your life. Contact Lynn Olney to get the representation you need.

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