Lynn Olney: Family and Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs

Lynn Olney, P.C. combines personal service and a wealth of experience to deliver confident, effective representation to clients, representing clients in the greater Colorado Springs, Colorado area, as well as Castle Rock, Woodland Park, Cañon City, Pueblo and other outlying communities in El Paso, Teller, Douglas, Fremont, and Pueblo counties. Lynn is one of the most experienced local divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, but also practices in the areas of family law, child custody and visitation, probate, wills and business law.
As a sole practitioner who focuses on just a few areas of the law, Lynn Olney provides personal attention to every client in each case. As one of the best divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, Lynn has represented several people through their divorce cases for many years. He is also well versed in the economics and local court systems since he has lived in Colorado Springs for many years.
If you are divorcing, have a child custody or support issue, are dealing with the death of a loved one or have a business law issue, you need to find the best attorneys in CO.  Contact Lynn L. Olney—a trusted and experienced local attorney who will protect your interests earnestly and give you solid legal advice. Finding credible divorce lawyers in the Colorado Springs area can be a stressful process – get in touch with Lynn Olney to find out how we can help you.


Areas of Practice


During your divorce case in Colorado Springs, Lynn Olney has the expertise to make arrangements for child custody, child support and visitation rights and will make sure that you get a fair and equitable share in your property settlement, including alimony or spousal maintenance (spousal support) when it applies. Finding the best divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs is critical to your divorce and child custody cases.



Probate is the process by which the estate of the deceased is inventoried and distributed according to state laws. Lynn Olney helps you through the court oversight at every step, complete control of creditor claims, and the provision of a legal forum for complaints.


Will and Trust

As one of the most experienced attorneys in CO, Lynn Olney has practiced law both in probate and estate planning and would prefer to help you plan for your assets to pass as you wish rather than working through probate. You can rest assured that your family won’t have to endure the public process and costly matter of probate.

Business Law

Lynn Olney’s legal and business acumen helps businesses and business owners in Colorado Springs who are: bringing on a new partner, preparing to bring on an investor, dissolving a partnership, divesting an owner of a family business, or passing on ownership of a business. Contact one of the best attorneys in CO, Lynn Olney, for any of your business law questions.



Divorce paperwork not as easy as I was told…

Just want to thank you again for taking care of all the legal paperwork and finally obtaining my divorce. I wish I would have come to you sooner and I now know that getting a Final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage is not as easy as I was told by those clerks working at the court house.

Jessica P.

Overwhelmed by the complexity of the court system…

Mr. Olney took my case and filed the necessary documents in the El Paso County courts and we were before a Magistrate within three weeks.  Mr. Olney is very familiar with the judicial system and knows what documents the Judge needs to get matters done in a quick fashion.

Heidi R.

Getting a business back…

We hired Mr. Olney to assist us with filing suit upon a partner we had in the medical marijuana business.  Mr. Olney sent out our demand letters promptly and filed suit within fifteen days. We are now in possession of the premises and have a judgment against our former partner who is making monthly payments.

Marion R.

Mediation and military divorce…

Mr. Olney worked with me and prepared me for the mandatory two hour military divorce mediation. He also prepared the appropriate documents that divided my military; retirement pay and divided our real and personal property. I believe that his expertise actually helped me save money over the seven months it took to resolve all issues.

Robert C.