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Necessities for Starting a New Business

Lynn Olney frequently helps individuals starting businesses or starting new divisions of existing businesses approach him to assist in the startup phase of the business entitity:

How should the business be organized?  Partnership?  Incorporation?  LLC?
How should the interests of management and investors be protected?
What are the exit opportunities for outside investors?
What are the potential legal liabilities of the business and how can management and investors be protected from that risk?
How can …

Bringing on a New Partner to your Business

Bringing on a new partner to your business can bring you business to an entirely new level, but it is frought with uncertainties and risk.

What if there is a disagreement on strategy?  Who has power to direct the business?
What is the new (or existing) owners do not contribute adequately to the business?
What if the new (or existing) owners want to remove cash from the business?
Is there a buyout provision and …