Divorce Attorney in Colorado Springs

Lynn Olney is a family law and divorce attorney in Colorado Springs and has been practicing law for 30 years, providing compassionate, knowledgeable and effective representation to a wide range of clients. Lynn’s office is in Colorado Springs serving clients in all the surrounding areas, including Pueblo, Canon City Woodland Park, and Castle Rock, as well as El Paso, Pueblo, Fremont, Teller and Douglas counties.

Lynn L. Olney, P.C. is the best divorce attorney Colorado Springs has to offer. He has experience in all types of divorces, every facet of custody and visitation, the best outcome in child support and spousal maintenance, and solid counseling in every other family law matter.

Filing for Divorce in Colorado Springs

Divorce Attorney in Colorado Springs

Petition for dissolution of marriage in Colorado Springs

Lynn Olney handles many divorces for “empty nest” couples in which division of assets and debts may be the primary focus. As your Colorado family law attorney, Lynn will make sure that you get a fair and equitable share in your property settlement, including alimony or spousal maintenance (spousal support) when it applies.

When there are children still at home, Lynn Olney has the experience to make arrangements for child custody, child support and visitation rights when those issues are the primary emphasis of negotiations. In the interests of the children, when it comes to child custody in Colorado, Lynn always aims for an out-of-court resolution, but if we end up in divorce court, Lynn’s 30 years of experience will ensure that my client’s interests are protected.

Military Divorce in Colorado Springs

As a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs, Lynn Olney has handled many divorces for couples in the Air Force, Army or other armed services. With three large military installations in El Paso County, I am familiar with negotiating military retirement funds and other issues particular to military families.

Prenupitals – Child Adoption – Establishing Paternity in Colorado Springs

  • Prenuptial Agreements: Lynn Olney can help insulate and isolate assets when entering a marriage, especially important when it is the second marriage for one or both parties. Because there may be children and child support agreements from the previous marriage, it often makes sense not to commingle all of the new couple’s assets.
  • Child Adoption: Lynn provides legal counsel in private child adoptions to make sure everything is legitimate and accounted for, as well as stepparent and grandparent adoptions and all the related family law issues.
  • Establishing Paternity: Lynn Olney represents mothers who are establishing proof of fatherhood for child support reasons, men who are defending paternity claims, and fathers who are asserting their rights for visitation.

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