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If you’re looking for the most honest and skilled divorce lawyer El Paso County has to offer, then look no further.  Lynn Olney P.C. is one of the most successful family law firm in Colorado Springs.  Mr. Olney specializes in marriage dissolution, and he is ready to assist his clients with all divorce procedures including, but not limited to, child and spousal support, child custody, paternity, and complex financial and property division matters.  Lynn Olney P.C  is established, efficient and enterprising.

Through the process that many find both intellectually and emotionally challenging, Lynn Olney provides individual attention to clients and tailors his diverse skills to deliver maximum efficiency at a reasonable cost.   Mr. Olney recognizes the emotional pain individuals suffer when going through a divorce and he is here to make your marriage dissolution as quick and painless as possible.

Lynn Olney strives towards a civilized, fair and reasonable resolution.  However, if that cannot be accomplished, then he will use a more aggressive representation.  Mr. Olney has developed a reputation not only as an expert in the area of family law, but also for his caring approach to handling the individual needs of his clients.

Being the best divorce attorney El Paso County has to offer means providing each client personal attention and the best representation possible.  Mr. Olney is widely recognized for his understanding, advocacy, and legal expertise.  Based upon this philosophy, Mr. Olney continues to receive new clients through referrals.

Mr. Olney understands the conflicting issues involved in the divorce process and he will protect your financial interests and legal rights while being sensitive to these issues.  Lynn Olney P.C  wants you to leave your marriage with an equitable resolution.  Regardless of where you are in the divorce process, Mr. Olney can handle your family law problems.  Although he is experienced with trials, he will use his expertise with mediation and negotiation first to resolve all issues before taking it to trial.

When the bonds of marriage have been severed, you need the best representation possible.    For numerous years, Lynn Olney P.C has provided residents of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas with rational, analytical expertise in divorce and family law.  Contact us today.

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