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Facebook and Common Law Marriages

The law behind common law marriages was created to protect people who choose to live together but do not choose to legally marry each other. In the case of a break up among people who live together but are not married, if they meet the basic criteria for common law marriage in Colorado, they may legally divorce each other which then allows them to divide up assets, children and such …

Divorce vs Long-term Separation

Many spouses need separations to gain perspective and hopefully realize what they missed in their spouse. Separations of a few days, weeks or months can be a good breather for one or both spouses. But when the separation stretches into years with no filing for divorce and no movement towards reconciliation, that can create many new problems.

While two people are still legally married, they are still legally liable if one …

Divorce Rate of the Over 50’s Multiplies

While the recent economic recession has lowered the national divorce rate, the divorce rate of people over age 50 has grown significantly. In approximately the last 10 years the number of people who acquired divorces that were over 50 has grown from 10% to 28%. At over 50, the loss of a spouse either by death or divorce can create health and economic issues which can then create a burden …

Colorado to Get New Alimony Laws

Many states across the nation have established laws recently that set out to limit or standardize alimony payments and as of January 2014, Colorado will follow suit with them. The new law will offer a formula to determine the spousal maintenance in a divorce. This new formula will serve as a guide for judges to follow but judges will also weigh such issues as children and property. The length of …

Divorce Backlog in JAG Offices

The Colorado Revised Statutes 14-10-114 has been enacted which basically states that a determination of maintenance will be made in each and every divorce case and the Court will make a Findings concerning the following:

The amount of each party’s gross income;
The marital property apportioned to each party;
The financial resources of each party;
The reasonable financial needs as established during the marriage.

The House Bill is 42 pages in length and signed by the governor …

David W. Enoch Distinguished Service Award

On March 13, 2013, local attorney  Lynn L. Olney was presented the David W. Enoch Distinguished Service Award for his many years of volunteer service as a practicing attorney mentoring teens in behalf  the Colorado Springs Teen Court, Inc. A  luncheon ceremony was held at the Cheyenne Resort Center where over three hundred guests attended.

Teen Court is a non profit organization that works with teens between the ages of 12 …

Saving attorney’s fees and time for dissolution of marriage actions

For quite some time the Colorado Supreme Court has permitted attorneys to represent clients on a piecemeal basis.  This is particularly important in divorce cases where the parties may have a partial understanding of what they need to do in order to finalize a divorce.  For example, in the typical divorce scenario, each side is represented by his/her own attorney.  They go through the process by filing a Summons and …

Military Will and Associated Issues

Lynn Olney has the greatest respect and admiration for the men and women in uniform for their service to our country. In these troubled times, it is a sad fact that some of our service men and women do not come home safe.

Lynn’s experience in both civilian and military issues in wills and probate can relieve you of a legal burden, but he can assure that the estate is passed …

Writing a Will with a Blended Family

Even with the help of an experienced attorney like Lynn Olney, defining how assets will be distributed in a will can be difficult. However, with today’s blended families involving divorce, adoption and children from other marriages, this process can be even more difficult.

With his experience with complex wills and estates, Lynn Olney can provide, not only legal counsel, but alternative distribution mechanisms that have fit the needs of other blended …

Necessities for Starting a New Business

Lynn Olney frequently helps individuals starting businesses or starting new divisions of existing businesses approach him to assist in the startup phase of the business entitity:

How should the business be organized?  Partnership?  Incorporation?  LLC?
How should the interests of management and investors be protected?
What are the exit opportunities for outside investors?
What are the potential legal liabilities of the business and how can management and investors be protected from that risk?
How can …