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Pet Custody in Colorado

Pet Custody in Colorado

Many pet owners will agree that their pets are as much a part of the family as any human family member. With that being the case, in the event of divorce, spouses may feel they need set up a sort of custody like they would with their children. However the law currently considers pets as possessions and therefore can be given to one party or the other permanently.

If the couple seeking a divorce is willing to share the pet in a similar fashion to child custody, then there is no need for the pet to come up in a divorce hearing. However, if an agreement cannot be reached outside of court, the judge will have to determine who takes possession of the pet. Among the many factors that can determine pet custody are who bought the pet and who provides the best care for the pet. When children and pets are involved in a divorce, a judge must take into account that the children might be emotionally attached to the pet and award custody of the children and the pet to the same parent. With joint child custody, a judge might determine that the pet and child will travel together.


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