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The Success of Wage Withholding

The Success of Wage Withholding

In child support situations, some parents refuse to pay or can’t afford to pay or just occasionally miss payments. When this happens, child support can be deducted from the parent’s paycheck. According to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, seven out of ten of all child support are collected through wage withholding. This offers the parents the convenience of paying their debt on time and not incurring fees for back child support.

Additionally, the Office of Child Support Enforcement working with the State Department instituted the Passport Denial Program. Parents who are delinquent of $2500 or more on their child support will have their passports withheld until their debt is paid in full. In a few cases, the employers have actually paid the back child support so that their employees can travel abroad. The Office of Child Support Enforcement noted one New York Employee owed over $158,000 in back child support which was then paid by the employer.


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