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Final court appearance

I am more than happy to tell others of the response that you and your legal secretary provided in our last and hopefully final court appearance.  I was pleased that when you stood up and spoke to the judge in my behalf, I noticed that he was writing down notes and when the judge gave us his ruling in the courtroom,  he used many of the words and phrases that …

Resolving parenting time issues in less than 30 days

I was very pleased with the manner in which you grasped the situation with my new husband in Texas and the problems having with my ex over parenting time issues here in Colorado Springs. You immediately prepared the appropriate legal documents and we were before a District Court Judge in less than 30 days. Thank you,  Denise E.

Wills with a personal touch

My wife and I came to Mr. Olney’s office for preparation of Wills.  We also went through the entire process of all of the other documents that are needed in the event that one of us becomes incapacitated.  We are extremely thankful for the extra time Mr. Olney and his staff took in walking us through this difficult matter.  We would recommend Mr. Olney in the future.

Keith H.

Successful guardianship petition

I hired Mr. Olney to prepare and represent me in a Petition for Guardianship of a Minor Child. The time spent in preparation for testimony in his office paid handsomely in dividends as the contested hearing took approximately 2.5 hours.  We were successful in obtaining our guardianship and I am very satisfied with Mr. Olney’s results.

David N.

Setting up a corporation

Mr. Olney assisted me in preparing the set-up of my Colorado for-profit corporation.  He was very cordial, attentive and responded to all my particular requests.  I am of the opinion that he and his staff were very helpful and finished the job in a timely manner.

Credit report cleansed

Mr. Olney assisted me in an issue I had with a major credit card company with erroneous items placed upon my credit report.  At the conclusion of Mr. Olney’s intervention, I was able to have the three items in question removed from my credit report.

John M.

Probate with attention to detail

Mr. Olney’s office prepared all the necessary documents for the probate of my late husband’s estate.  He was very thorough, and all documents were produced as promised in a timely basis.  I would recommend him to my friends.

Billie S.

DUI assistance

Mr. Olney represented me in a Driving While under the Influence.  I was able to receive no jail time, suspended sentence and mandatory classes.  I believe that Mr. Olney did an outstanding job and I am very grateful for his services.

Carole W.

Carole’s Story

I am a 78-year-old woman who had a spotless driving record until I was charged with a DUI.  Mr. Olney was able to get the charges reduced where I served no jail time although the statute provides for jail time.  I am still in contact with Mr. Olney’s office and with probation as I am on a two-year probation period.  Carole.

Thank You Mr. Olney

I reside in New Jersey and was involved with a lengthy divorce where there were allegations of physical and psychological abuse.  I am very pleased with Mr. Olney’s services and I am still in the process of pursuing child support as there are minor children in the household.  Colleen.