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Thank You for Your Help

We, Craig and Connie, contacted Mr. Olney involving the adoption of a child from Equador when she was only three years old.  There was severe physical and mental abuse to this child before she was adopted that we were obviously not aware of.  Our child has been diagnosed with a detachment disorder; that is, she is unable to emotionally bond with either her adoptive mother or father and has been …

Congratulations and Thank You

Lynn, great to hear from you after all these months. Congrats on your recent appointment to the Judicial Nominating Commission. I want to thank you again for representing me in a very difficult, dark time in my life. Your keen analysis of the legal situation I found myself in and your quick response was simply outstanding. I would certainly use your legal office in the future and would recommend others …

A Sincere Thank you

Dear Lynn,

It has been a time since we communicated since my divorce.

I was very shy about coming into your office the first time but you and your secretary made me feel comfortable about my husband leaving me with all the monthly bills and zeroing out our joint bank account. Although the courts move at a snails pace, you counseled me through the stages of all court appearances and successfully obtained …

Children Returned to Mother

A young woman came to the office after 6 months in women’s prison.  She has two children in foster care. I shepherded her through many pre-trial hearings pertaining to fitness of the unmarried mother and her ability to keep her away from illegal drugs and previous dubious acquaintances. After 4 hearings, both children were returned to my client with unsupervised probation.

Referral from El Paso District Court Judge

Lynn, I am glad that an El Paso District Court Judge mentioned your name to me as a person I should interview in hiring an attorney.

You were most helpful in getting my financial affairs in order and I am most satisfied with all the efforts you contributed during my divorce.

I simply could not have endured the volume of legal documents and stress encountered in Court without you.

Exonerated of Sexual Abuse

A divorced father was accused of sexually abusing his son and daughter. The primary witness against our client was the ex-wife’s mother and the ex-wife herself. Lynn Olney engaged in extensive pre-trial preparation and secured expert testimony of a psychiatrist, who is an expert in child abuse. After 2 days of court hearings, the court exonerated the client of sexual abuse.

Retroactive Child Support

A mother of one child consults with me as the child’s father refuses to pay child support.  She is not married to the father. I start court action. Dad counters with a demand of 50/50 visitation schedule after little contact with child who is now 4 years old.

The court action starts with child custody evaluator. After 3 hours of testimony, the Court grants child support retroactive for 12 months with …

Trapped in a relationship

A military wife came to the office with a female friend – she was crying and so embarrassed that she could barely speak above a whisper.

After her husband brought her to the US, he refused to allow her to get a driver’s license or to go outside of the home to get a job. Her husband did not want her to leave the house until he got home from work.

I …

No Grandchild Abuse

I received telephone call from frantic grandparents – 10 week old grandson who is in their possession – first turns red then blue and quit breathing. Child was rushed to ER there

ER doctor misdiagnosed child as having subdural hematoma. This led to extensive police interrogation and two days of child be in IC at the hospital. I was called two days later. I met with parents and grandparents at the …